Everything you need for your research in dentistry

Everything you need for your research in dentistry

Research in dentistry is the story of permanent advancement. Therefore, it is also an exciting challenge for those who decide to orient their professional future in this field.  

Training in dentistry is the precise tool to achieve the required degree of specialization. A dentist who knows cutting-edge techniques is a professional in constant search of excellence. The constant progress of this discipline indicates this.

There are different ways to achieve excellence in the training of a professional in dentistry. The alternatives are divided between postgraduate courses and master’s degrees. In the case of the Athenea Dental Institute, it offers a very wide offer in both options.

Everything you need for your research in dentistry

His postgraduate degrees are related to specialties such as orthodontics, implantology, periodontology, aesthetics, management, and hygienist assistant. Regarding the masters, Athenea Dental Institute teaches the master’s in orthodontics and masters in implantology. They are two disciplines that in turn offer a wide field for researchers.

In both variants, we speak of highly qualified training. It is taught by professionals with extensive experience in the subjects. 

The ideal itinerary is to obtain a postgraduate or master’s degree before facing the upper step, the doctoral course. Innovation, it must be remembered, is permanent in this discipline. All of this is demanding but at the same time a great challenge for dental professionals.

The results, when we talk about dental care, are always in sight, so there is no room for deception. In the case of dentistry, research has taken three paths of exceptional possibilities. There is orthodontics, every day less at odds with comfort for the patient and its aesthetic demand. L to implantology, which shortens time with the same (and optimum results). And dental aesthetics, a compendium of the previous two.

Technology has to do with progress that a few years ago would have seemed not revolutionary, but even pure science fiction material. Any dentist knows this because it is his profession. The same can be said of users, who have rid themselves of the terror that the dentist appointment produced before. The results today are excellent, and the inconvenience much less. Innovation is at the service of the patient and in the hands of professionals.

All of this is possible because today we can talk about la carte dentistry, tailored to the needs of the patient, their expectations, and their needs. The technology allows the production of parts with exceptional precision and the new materials guarantee durability and aesthetic solvency.

As for gene therapies, we are at the dawn of a new era for this discipline. We began to glimpse the first steps. Also in this section, research will be the way to go.

The computer-aided design has changed the way dentists. Why? For applying the principles of nanotechnology to the production of exceptional quality teeth. They are pieces adapted to the patient’s teeth, indistinguishable from natural pieces. The same can be said about crowns, porcelain veneers (the next generation recipe against the dreaded bruxism), and dental bridges.

As said: maximum precision in design and manufacture is synonymous with optimal final results. The patient is the great beneficiary, a patient who also has another ally called laser dentistry. This technology makes your appointment with the dentist much more comfortable, by reducing the discomfort of any dental intervention.

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